Welcome to the site. It has been created to help stop the-bullies and free us from the trap... the spell... of FEAR.

On this web site we have information about bullies.. what are bullies?...where are the bullies?... and what we can do....We also have listed on this page links to help you get more information to stop the bullying.

It is very important to know the meaning of words. Please look up all words you are not sure of.

What is a Bully?
A Bully is someone or a group that repeatedly....
Intimidates, humiliates, offends, harshly criticizes, violates, insults, ridicules, degrades, manipulates, or forces you to do or feel something that violates you. Bully… is an action of cruelty and injustice towards another for the selfish gain of an individual or a group.
Where are the Bullies?
They can be found in all areas of our life. They are in our homes, our families, our schools, our neighborhood, our jobs, our governments, on the road, in the stores, on the computer, in various media and even our circle of friends or associates. They are everywhere.
What can I... we do?
Empower ourselves with wisdom which is true knowledge and real power.
Being clever, having knowledge is good however wisdom is the real lasting power. Wisdom is the knowledge accompanied with good judgment, seeing consequences to actions. Wisdom sees the best outcomes, the smartest outcomes for all. When we have this knowing we are benevolent. Without true wisdom many become fearful because they can’t see the best course of action to take. This fear can cause great pain and suffering to ones self and to others.

Every situation will be different.... Bullying must be addressed, confronted and stopped.

A few first response suggestions:

The first action when faced with a bully situation is to NOT react with violence or fear but to react with calm, unruffled assessment. Calmly look at the situation to see what your best move would be.

Your safety comes first! Sometimes the best thing to do is to walk away. Then you can calmly decide what course of action you will need to take. Remember that if you say mean cruel things back to the bully the cycle will continue and most likely worsen. Plus if you do that you are not much different than them.

We must tell and keep telling… then they will have to stop. Much of their strength, their power over others comes from our silence. Sure... sometimes we can stop it by ourselves but often the bully isolates us and traps us... so we must get help. This is not a weakness... it shows real strength to NOT comply and NOT allow abuse. Please ask and we will stand with you!!! We have links below along with our email.

Another first response might be to use humor:-)

My name is Mitch and when others try to bully me I sometimes do things that make them laugh... it lightens things up.. then they stop being so mean. I think laughter makes us feel good and stops us from being so serious... so angry. I know it makes me feel good.

Here are a few links that may be of help:


















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Some things … many things we cannot be told but we must learn through experience.. We are here as your friend… your buddies… your guides.. to help you rediscover yourself and your powers so that you can reclaim the Earth and bring it into the Golden era of mankind.
You are not alone... we love you and we will help you.

Mythical Buddies aka.. My Buddies... are a collection of many different family
groups, united in their unconditional love, peace, wisdom
and compassion for others. They are from the Land of the
Ancients, the Realm of the Future and the Present moment.
They are Time Travelers, Peace Keepers, Helpers, Defenders,
Guardians and Guides.

Throughout the ages they have been visiting the Earth,
sometimes just for fun or on special missions.
This time they have returned on a special mission to help
save the children of Earth from the Evil Monster Dragon and his Tricky Monsters.


Perhaps you have already met some of us Mythical Buddies, maybe you don’t
remember but perhaps we look familiar and you are not sure
where you’ve seen us before.
We are with you, we are helping you and we are your
friends. We are your buddies.
We are sometimes the silent whisper, the gentle nudging and
the strength you didn’t realize you had. If you lose your way
we will help you find the way back again.Just be silent and
listen, you will hear and perhaps see us.
Our friendship and love is unconditional.

Each family group has special powers and a unique purpose.
All Mythical Buddies have the ability to travel through
space and time, to transform themselves or others, to make
themselves invisible, and to create calm in the middle of
Mythical Buddies represent values, beliefs, principles

and are constantly helping us to learn

about actions and consequences.

The Tricky Monsters represent destructive

behaviors, negative influences

and distractions that we all sometimes face.

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